Welcome to my official website!

My name is Thomas Maniero and I’m a computer programmer. I worked on many commercial videogames for handheld and home consoles and recently I have had the opportunity to work on mobile and web applications.

What I like the best is to develop cross-platform software so I’m working on the development of cross-platform solutions, so to create applications which can run on the higher number of platforms existing, from desktop PC to mobile and the web.

I’m working mainly on a 3D engine "Kirth" and a sound engine "Hekkus", both of them cross-platforms, which you can download and see in this website. The goal is to “write once and run everywhere”.

With the use of just one framework it is easier to create games and multimedia applications which you can inter-connect each other through multiple devices.

I’ll share with you my latest works and demos.

Thanks for your visit and... enjoy!