Thomas Maniero
Via Sofonisba Anguissola 26
20146, Milano, Italy


A challenging and rewarding position as Technical Lead in a company focused on products and applications for IoT and Industry 4.0

Management Skills:

  • Experienced in the coordination of planning and developing schedule for both software and hardware.
  • Experienced in the coordination and supervising of outsourced software development.
  • Experienced in the supervising of the team dedicated to UI design and software graphics requirements.
Technical Skills:

  • Experienced in procedural and object oriented programming.
  • Experienced in UI design and graphics and sound programming on console, mobile, web and embedded platforms.
  • Excellent knowledge of microcontroller platforms and Linux embedded hardware and software ecosystems.
  • Excellent knowledge of many programming languages such as C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Typescript, Python and x86 and ARM assembly.
  • Excellent knowledge of many IDE, software frameworks and database software.
Professional Experience:

Technical Lead and Lead Programmer
Piron srl
Padova, Italy
2014, present
  • Coordination of the software/hardware team which developed a new product line of high technological professional cooking ovens, named "Explora", employing Industry 4.0 solutions.
  • Definition of targets and technical requirements for the software/hardware platform of the product.
  • Design and development of the control board firmware based on STM32 microcontroller.
  • Design and development of the UI software, with Qt framework, working on Linux embedded board.
  • Development of the embedded Linux system with Buildroot for custom boards based on Allwinner A20 and Broadcom BCM2837 SoC.
  • Design and development of the cloud system, created with Express and Vue.js, in order to achieve remote control and management of the product.

Senior Engine and Game Programmer
Rapallo, Italy
2013, 2014
  • Work on the in-house cross-platform graphics engine, re-writing of the flash port using the latest flascc compiler, flash audio code enhancement, finalization of the port to flash of various mobile games.

Lead Programmer and Engine Programmer
Frame Studios Interactive
Belluno, Italy
2011, 2012
  • Design and development of Gem Smashers 3D for Nintendo 3DS; this was a completely new version optimized for the stereoscopic dual screen of the console.
  • Design and development of Gem Smashers 3D for Mobile (iOS and Android devices); this was a partial port of the 3DS version.
  • Development of an optimized version of the Gem Smashers 3D Mobile's engine for Risk City, a Windows game for the Museo del Risparmio in Torino - Italy.

Contractual Works
Indie mobile developers
2010, 2011
  • Work on customized version of my Hekkus Sound System library for Indie developers around the world, porting it on new platforms like Samsung Bada OS, Android and iOS.

Game Programmer and Engine Programmer
Frame Studios Interactive
Belluno, Italy
2005, 2010
  • Work on seven Nintendo DS/DSi shipped titles: Princess Natasha, M&M's: Break'Em, The Aly & AJ Adventure, Shining Stars: Super Starcade, Smiley World Island Challenge, Amici DS, JIGAPIX DS and DSi.
  • Responsible for design, planning and coding of the in-house Graphics Engine used in all the mentioned Nintendo DS/DSi titles.
  • Responsible for the WiFi connectivity and in-game implementation for all the mentioned Nintendo DS/DSi titles.

Game Designer and Game Programmer
Quick Solution SRL
Padova, Italy
2002, 2003
  • Design and implementation of a shareware Pocket-PC game named "Rainy Colors".
  • Development of a Graphics and Sound framework with cross platform capabilities (Windows PC/Pocket-PC) to speed up coding and debugging process.

Database and User Interface Programmer
Padova, Italy
2000, 2001
  • Implementation of custom input interfaces for in-house supermarket management software.
  • Customer service support.

ITIS, Computer Science Institute
F. Severi, Padova Italy

Linguistic Skills:

Mother Tongue: Italian

Other languages: English
  • Reading: Good
  • Writing: Good
  • Speaking: Good