Hekkus Sound System
Hekkus Sound System ver. 1.00.rc22

What is this?

Hekkus Sound System is a small and fast sound engine for iPhone/Android/WindowsPhone8/Bada/Emscripten/PNaCl/Flash/Win32/MacOSX/Linux application, expecially designed for games.


fast mixer routine, minimized data access and no division used.
mix unlimited music and sound channels.
very easy api, you can add sound to your game with only 4 lines of code.
free for freeware/shareware and commercial games!
source code available! If you are interested please contact me at thoma.nosp@m.s@sh.nosp@m.lzero.nosp@m..com
supports OGG Vorbis files. (using tremor decoder)
supports MP3 files. (using fluendo-mp3 decoder)
supports ImpulseTracker, FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, ProTracker modules (.it, .xm, .s3m, .mod). (using dumb decoder)
supports 8bit/16bit uncompressed and Microsoft ADPCM compressed mono/stereo WAVs.
supports interface to generate sounds at run-time.
supports Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.
supports Android devices (1.6 and up).
supports Windows Phone 8 and tablets devices.
supports Samsung Bada devices.
supports Emscripten browser applications.
supports Google Native Client browser applications.
supports Flash browser applications.
supports Windows/Mac OS X/Linux desktop PC.
supports 32bit and 64bit processor where available.


Hekkus Sound System is now Donate-Ware.
If you have used Hekkus on your game and have earn enough money please make a donation.
Something from 50 to 80 euro will be very appreciated.
You can freely use Hekkus on your free or commercial product but you have to write somewhere on your game a little credit string, something like ' Sound provided by Hekkus Sound System - http://www.shlzero.com '.
Do not distribute Hekkus as part of another library, framework or graphical engine, just add on your website or documentation a link to the Hekkus homepage, http://www.shlzero.com .
Credit string is not necessary if you provide a donation.
You HAVE also to send me an e-mail for every game you want to release that use Hekkus.
Source code is NOT included with the package, if you want the code make a donation and I'll send it to you!


Created by Thomas Maniero
homepage: http://www.shlzero.com
email: hekku.nosp@m.s@sh.nosp@m.lzero.nosp@m..com