Hekkus Sound System's features:

* fast mixer routine, minimized data access and no division used.
* mix unlimited music and sound channels.
* very easy api, you can add sound to your game with only 4 lines of code.
* free for freeware/shareware and commercial games!
* source code available! If you are interested please contact me
* supports OGG Vorbis files. (using tremor decoder)
* supports MP3 files. (using fluendo-mp3 decoder)
* supports ImpulseTracker, FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, ProTracker modules (.it, .xm, .s3m, .mod). (using dumb decoder)
* supports 8bit/16bit uncompressed and Microsoft ADPCM compressed mono/stereo WAVs.
* supports interface to generate sounds at run-time.
* supports Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.
* supports Android devices (1.6 and up).
* supports Windows Phone 8 and tablets devices.
* supports Samsung Bada devices.
* supports Emscripten browser applications.
* supports Google Native Client browser applications.
* supports Flash browser applications.
* supports Windows/Mac OS X/Linux desktop PC.
* supports 32bit and 64bit processor where available.

Download it now!