Hekkus Sound System version 1.0.rc18 released.

The latest and greatest version of my sound library is ready to download, another couple of versions and it will reach the mythical 1.0 release. I have added quite a bit of new features and music format supports. All the static libraries in the package was compiled with the latest compiler versions (Visual Studio 2013, XCode 5.1.1, Android NDK r9d, PNacl pepper_34, Emscripten 1.18.0, GCC 4.8.x).

HTML5 port of the Hekkus Sound System and Kirth Engine.

I’ve just finished converting my sound and graphics engine to HTML5 using emscripten. Sound support is still less than perfect but a lot better than some months ago. HTLM5 support on browsers is improving faster and faster, and that’s really a good thing.

Mobile version of the Toon House Demo available.

Just uploaded the mobile versions of the demo, Android and iPhone universal builds are ready to download. For the iPhone build I’ve used TestFlight as the download system. Give them a try!

Welcome back!

The new website is finally online! Hope you’ll enjoy it!